Interview of the Director of Ethics

Director of Ethics Emmanuel LULIN
Director of Ethics
What is the role of ethics within L’ORÉAL?

L’ORÉAL has always had strong values which have shaped our culture and built our reputation. Our core values are integrity, respect and excellence. We are judged not only on what we do but also on the way we do it. All that we have done and all we continue to do is voluntary and proactive. Ethics gives us a shared vision and references.

Quite simply, we believe that the global leaders of tomorrow are those companies who have not only integrated ethics into their strategic planning but also into their day-to-day business practices.

At L’ORÉAL, we consider that ethics continues where rules end and that we should always ask ourselves not “can we do it” but “should we do it”. Ethics therefore allows us to earn and retain the trust of our stakeholders so that together we can grow and contribute usefully to the society in which we live.

Our values are present in all aspects of our activities. The most visible examples are of course our strong Sustainable Development and Diversity policies but they are also integrated into less visible aspects such as our Purchasing Department’s responsible sourcing policy and our high standards with regards product quality and safety.