However experienced you are, the first days in a new working environment are always full of challenges. You will probably feel excited, enthusiastic – and rather nervous, too. One of our priorities at L’Oréal is to welcome you properly and provide ongoing support right from the start. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, we’ll provide you with a personalised integration programme.

Every employee is unique with their experience, background and career path and L’Oréal FIT (Follow-up & Integration Track) was created as a two-year, personalised integration and support programme adaptable to the needs of all new employees at L’Oréal. This global integration programme allows us to enrich and perpetuate our group’s professional culture taking into account of cultural and local needs.

This programme will help you acquire field and product experience, providing you with a personalised schedule of meetings, training and round-table discussions, on-the-job learning with your line manager and individual guidance via mentoring and HR support.

Sustainable development, diversity, ethics, recrutment... Discover, year by year, some awards and recognitions received by L'Oréal since 2001!

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