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With you on campus

Our Campus Management programme is a key element of our recruitment strategy. Every year our recruitment teams on all continents visit the major campuses: and they do more than this, developing a variety of initiatives in conjunction with the institution’s management, corporate relations managers, lecturers and student associations in order to support students throughout their period of study.

With you as you study

Through its Campus Management strategy, L’Oréal contributes to students’ personal and professional development, with initiatives including presentations of its internship and employment policy, interview days, round-table discussions focusing on specific professions, forums, grant allocations, business games, talks, sponsorship of sporting events, etc.

A wide range of partnerships

We have developed partnerships with:

  • Universities

  • Business and management schools, schools of economics

  • Engineering and science faculties (chemistry, pharmaceuticals, agronomy, etc.)

  • Schools of art, fashion, architecture, design

  • Specialist sectors in fields related to our business: communications, IT, plus Intelligence Marketing, medical management for pharmaceutical/dermatological programmes, etc.

  • International university networks.

  • Each partnership is tailored to meet the specific needs of the relevant institutions, study courses and the students themselves.

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