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"Are you alive?"

More than a fragrance, Fuel For Life is an elixir, a pure concentrate of emotions that makes you feel alive.

A sexy and energizing potion for men and women with "retro-modern" notes embodying the essence of Diesel..

Fuel For Life, capturing Diesel's creativity and unpredictability, is a source of adrenalin, for people willing to experience new emotions and seeking an alternative type of energy!

It is dedicated to passionate individuals, who have chosen to live life to the fullest, hungry for intense moments, seduction and sensuality, knowing no limits.

But be carefulthis elixir is incredibly active and powerfuluse it with caution!


The men's and women's versions of Fuel For Life are two timeless archetypal perfumes.

To achieve this, Renzo Rosso and the FIRMENICH perfumers (Annick Mnardo, Jacque Cavallier and Thierry Wasser) chose to position the two fragrances in the scent families most emblematic of femininity and virility: chypre and heather. This resulted in two retro-modern perfumes, a mix between traditional perfumery and a futuristic outlook Fuel for Life: a potion to energize, an elixir fuelling lust for life, a secret for successful living.

Fuel for Life, feminine

Fuel for Life couldn't have been anything else but a chypre. This family of perfumes drawn from the legacy of femaleness is also the most ambivalent, the most sensual and above all the least romantic: always between flower and wood, it swings between sky and earth, between spirit and flesh. The structure of Fuel for Life clearly echoes this ambivalence: the duality of jasmin and patchouli is immediately apparent. In other words, it oscillates between the white flower - supposedly virginal - and the wooded and ambered complexity of that Indonesian leaf - patchouli - whose fragrance always brings to mind undergrowth and languor.

What stands out is an overdose, an unexpected portion of cassis: a combination of basic blackcurrant - a nature-print of Burgundy crme de cassis - and of blackcurrant flower, animal and sharp. The chypre attracts the fruit. Above all, the surprise arises from the fact that all these notes seem to converge on to the indole, which is this fragrance's centre of gravity. It is here that dwell its life forces, its sensuality, its drive: in this savage and carnal expression which, as you dilute it, takes on the accents of an intoxicating flower and a distinctive sensuous brilliance. Through its characteristic counterpoint, Fuel for Life becomes a masterpiece of tensions and, therefore, of balance.

Fuel for Life, masculine

Threading the heart of the fragrance, Fuel for Life's heather chord reflects the most ancient and most classical codes of masculine perfumery: lavender on a base of coumarine, a note without which heather is only lost illusion. Yet Fuel for Life cannot be reduced to the tradition of its family of scents, because much more than its ingredients, it is a suggestion of light that strikes the nose as it does the imagination. Probably never before has the male being treated with such attention to clarity and modernity.

In the same way, it's not just a list of primary substances - a better word would be vibrations.
A first vibration, aromatic and cool, created by a subtle dose of star anis, gives it a polished brilliance, which irradiates the fragrance without a hint of roughness. The second vibration is that of frambinone: very close to white musk, a trifle understated at first encounter, but which comes alive on contact with the skin and gives Fuel for Life a fruitiness that once again is unprecedented in a male eau de toilette. An impression reinforced by the irresistible lightness of heliotropine. A complete opposite, close to contradiction with the second, a third woody and ambered vibration suggests a more assertive virility: clear, multifaceted but fundamentally sensual... and natural, thanks to the everlasting flower.


The simplest idea of a bottle becomes a cult object: a sexy and vintage style which belongs to the heritage of Diesel. Two bottles which you can dress, undress, keep as you will!

Designed by Fabien Baron, the men's bottle takes inspiration from a liquor flask and the women's bottle from a 1930s phial.

Showing or maybe concealing the alchemy they contain, the women's bottle is covered with a pale ruffle of lace that plays with the transparencies of the bottle and the liquid it contains, while the men's bottle comes in a canvas cover with vintage treatment, which can be unzipped at the bottle's shoulder.

The sexy vintage packaging of Fuel for Life is wild and sensual, thanks to the random decoration of the canvas and lacework, and the possibility to have 5 differently engraved caps.

Each bottle becomes an unique work of art, an experience in itself.


Fuel for Life is another expression of the Diesel planet, where creativity and unpredictability have always been key players. That's why Diesel Creative Team, headed by its longtime Creative Director Wilbert Das, with FFL agency (Fred and Farid) have conceived an off-beat language that plays with the clichs of its genre.

The result is a break-through storytelling campaign playing with a retro- modern atmosphere: 8 films shot by Laurence Dunmore (4 for the women's and 4 for the men's fragrances), echoed by 8 portraits captured by Nick Knight. They are the keys which enable viewers to experience the intensity of the emotions elicited by these two new elixirs: seduction, sensuality, freedom, pleasure and transgression

For the online surfers of, Diesel has created a real-life experience of the fragrance universe with Wheel of Life: five challenges to answer the question "Are you alive?" and to prove you belong to this passionate community.

The imaginative world of Fuel For Life is made up of a whole range of inspirations and retro-modern codes: a twist in the language of premium advertising, a suggestion for living life to the fullest.

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